Kahun Danda Sunrise

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Sunrise tour in Pokhara only started three decades ago and nowadays become one of the most exciting tours in Pokhara. When it comes to seeing the sunrise, Kahun Danda is another newly enchanting place where you can get a warm glimpse of sunrise. If you have a short time in Pokhara but interested to explore some fascinating places, then Kahun Danda is the best option available. The fantastic tour consists of a one-day short hike to the nearest hill of Pokhara Kahun Danda.

Kahun Danda is located on the North East side of Pokhara valley, about an altitude of 1444m. As I already mentioned, it is a short hike, which only takes about 3 to 4 hours walk until we reach our perfect destination. The short hike starts after we cross through the newly Build Bridge at Narayanthan. Then the trail leads us to army barracks, which is at Phulbari until the path slowly leads to a sloped area.

Kahun Danda is the hilly place, so you definitely find an off-road trial filled with dense green forest. You can also experience the Rhododendron (National flower) forest along with the birds chipping sound. The path also passes through the local village, which shows the rich, diverse culture living in one single community. Trust me, seeing these conventionally established villages makes your journey worth it.

Kahun Danda is a small magical hill which is lower than Sarangkot but still provides a peaceful sunrise. Once we reach the top of the hill then, relaxing surrounds make your day even more worth amazing. You can find one small Devi temple and a perfect viewpoint where you will experience the magical sunrise in the morning. There is also a view tower where you can grab a cup of coffee or snacks and enjoy the beautiful view. Besides that, visitors also get a birds-eye view of the Pokhara valley along with the beautiful lake. A peaceful sunrise over the panoramic mountains Annapurna, Mt. Fishtail, and Lamjung Himal is the most spectacular view you had ever experience in your entire life.

The natural beauty of Kahun Danda is beyond your imagination, so wake up early and grab an amazing package to Kahun Danda with Global International Travel. Feel the dramatic changing color of the scenery from the top of the hill.

Difficulty of Kahun Danda Sunrise Tour

Kahun Danda is a short hike, so the trial will be easy and filled with various fabulous side scenery. You can also take your children’s with you for the most peaceful sunrise on a close hill of Pokhara. In fact, this short tour helps you to maintain your physical body fit and fine. 

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