World Peace Stupa Hiking

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World peace Stupa, also known as “Pagoda,” is a famous stupa located on the Ananda hill nearest to Pokhara. In fact, it was the first World Peace Stupa in Nepal, which was built by Japanese Nipponzan-Myohoji. The beautiful stupa is built to spread peace for all races and creeds of people living in Nepal. It was a peaceful Shanti stupa at the height of 1100 meters, which attracts lots of travelers each year with its spectacular white painted Buddha stupa.

The place is also best for hiking because of the beautiful scenery and tranquil atmosphere. If you want to take a short hike while staying in Pokhara, which helps you to feel refreshed, then hike to World Peace Stupa is the perfect option to choose. The hike to Shanti stupa will take about 2 to 3 hours from Pokhara in the dirt off-road through the beautiful green jungle. A beautiful short hike passes through the local household, and lodges which make your hike even more exciting. Your whole hike to Ananda hill is filled with exhilarating side scenery, which you will never forget in your entire life.

A short hike to World peace stupa offers you the amazing view of Pokhara valley along with the top view of Fewa Lake. You can also enjoy the panoramic snow-capped Mountain View of Annapurna, Dhawalagiri, and Machhapuchhrae, also known as “Fishtail.” Besides that, if you are a sun-set lover, then, beautiful sunset from the top of the Ananda hill will calm your body and gives you a sense of inner peace. 

The hilltop is also a spiritual spot for meditation while enjoying the magnificent view of nature. Some of the travelers hike to the world peace stupa to give themselves some quality time. After long hours of walk into the jungle, it is the best way to end the hike at World Peace Stupa, which could be your lifetime experience during your visit to Nepal.

The beautiful scenery from the Ananda hilltop leaves you speechless, and you cannot remember how fast your day will end while enjoying the true Mother Nature. 

How Difficult is World Peace Stupa Hike?

The hike can be a little bit challenging than walking in a straight road, which usually takes you through the jungle into the hidden gem. However, World peace stupa hike is not as difficult as you think; you can enjoy the hike with your own strength. In fact, the hike to World peace stupa also helps you to improve your hiking level. 

However, if you are planning to take your children with you on a hike, then it may cause trouble for your children because the World peace Stupa is on the hilltop. And it can be difficult for your children to walk for several hours.

Best Time to Take World Peace Hike

You can enjoy the World Peace Stupa hike whenever your visit to Nepal. The hike is suitable for all seasons except monsoon season because the road will be slippery due to rainfall. However, the winter season is the perfect timing if you want to see beautiful snow-capped mountains. 

What to Bring During the Hike?

World Peace Stupa is a short day hike in the hilltop, so you don’t have to bring everything you have on the hike. Just bring the essential hiking things and equipment which makes you comfortable. Some of the items you should bring during your hike, such as:

  • Hiking boots and shoes
  • Appropriate clothing (depends on the weather condition)
  • Hiking backpack
  • Plenty of food and water
  • Camera with extra batteries

Best Way to Take World Peace Hike

First, we need to take a boat on rent from Fewa Lake to cross the lake to hike point of world Peace Pagoda. The time takes to reach the hike point on a boat is around 1.00 Hrs from Phewa lake near Taal Barahi temple. After you reach the hike point, then your hiking starts. It takes around 1.5-2 hrs to reach peace pagoda. After you reach to a pagoda, you can enjoy the view of Phewa Lake and Pokhara valley from the top of the peace pagoda. You can have breakfast/lunch or snacks at peace pagoda. After that, you can choose the same way to return back or you can hire a vehicle to come back to your destination. 


A short hike to the World peace stupa gives you the best memorable moments in Nepal. This fantastic hike is also a warm-up for you if you are planning for a longer trek around the Annapurna region.

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