Sunrise Tour

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Waking up early in the morning just to see the spectacular and magnificent Sunrise is a different feeling. A blessing from the sun in the morning will give peace and joy to our bodies. Are you an early riser person who makes an effort to wake up early just to watch beautiful Sunrise? Or looking for the place in Nepal where you can see the glaze of Sunrise? Then Nepal offers you some of the stunning sunrise places to boost your mood all day and helps to make a memorable moment. 

Nepal is blessed by Mother Nature, which is the perfect destination to experience the depth of nature. And also the best place for the most amazing Sunrise. You can watch Sunrise from anywhere around the world, but have you ever seen the Sunrise from the top of the hills. Sometimes, it can be quite difficult to enjoy Sunrise while engaging with nature. So, we give you two popular places in Nepal to experience the precious Sunrise in the morning from the top of the hill. A calm and warm Sunrise early in the morning when it kisses your face with yellowish color can be the most fantastic thing in your entire life. 

We offer you three different places to capture the amazing and relaxing sunrise in Nepal.

  • Nagarkot Sunrise
  • Sarangkot Sunrise
  • Kahun Danda Sunrise

Nepal is such a place where you can enjoy the true beauty of Mother Nature. So taking a Sunrise tour in Nepal can be the most memorable moment in Nepal and also helps you to fill your travel diary. Relax your body and soul by spending some quality time in one of these popular Sunrise places. 

Make your journey worth it with Global International and create an amazing memory.

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