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Most adventurers love to travel in different places, exploring the new areas and scenarios for their travel diaries as soon as possible in a short period of time. So most of the adventurers choose hiking as their best option, which covers the best moments in a natural environment and also helps to fill their travel diaries.

So basically, what is hiking, and why do people love to go hiking?

In simple words, hiking is an activity of long hours of walking in natural places or man-made trials. You do not have to learn any climbing or technical skill in order to go on a hike because hiking is quite easy, which often takes a couple of hours.

An entire day on a hike is perfect for travelers who are searching for an adventurous place in order to pump their blood without pushing their physical limits. You can experience and enjoy the close view of nature while reaching to the destination which you are visiting.

Hiking involves early morning tours in natural trials filled with beautiful scenarios, opportunities to see the wildlife closely, which can be the most beautiful things and memory in your life. While getting attached to a group of like-minded individuals, people outdoors gives you a different feeling during the hiking tour.

Some of the people often get confused over the terms hiking, and trekking as they do looks similar. They are both outdoor activities in the natural environment or places; however, we can find some of the differences between hiking and trekking. So let’s find out whether they are the same or not?

Hiking and Trekking

Hiking is an outdoor activity walking in natural environments through wood or small mountains which is often called hiking trails. Hiking usually takes place in beautiful natural places or hills where we can find lots of exciting scenes.

However, trekking is a longer journey than hiking, which can often take 2 to 3 days in the mountain areas where there is no means of transport available. Trekking could be slightly challenging and more intense in unknown mountains and hills than hiking.

Now it’s your decision whether to choose hiking or trekking for your travel diaries or for your beautiful memories of natural places.

So if you choose hiking, there are a lot of beautiful hiking places in Nepal to make a beautiful memory during your short vacation. And if you already visited stunning places in Nepal – and still can’t get enough over its natural beauty or have a couple of days in Nepal then, you take a short hike on different places in Nepal which only takes a day.

Hiking places in Nepal

Taking a short hike in Nepal in the most beautiful places can give you an amazing experience, which can be your lifetime memory. Most of the travelers go on a hike when they have a little amount of time left in Nepal. It could be the best moment in your life rather than walking around in your hotel rooms, waiting for the final day in Nepal. So we offer some of the best hiking places in Nepal which you have never seen before or experienced anywhere around the world.

Australian Camp/Dhampus Village hiking

Australian camp or Dhampus village is an ideal short day hike around Pokhara located in beautiful foothills of the Annapurna region. Australian camp hike only takes 7 hours of a walk over the stunning terraced farmland and cultural Dhampus village, which helps you to create beautiful memories.

You can get the opportunities to see the fantastic striking hilltops views of Annapurna SouthAnnapurna IVAnnapurna IIIAnnapurna IIMachhapurchhre, also known as “Fishtail” when walking towards the camp. Besides that, a walk through the green and dense forest filled with rhododendron and birds chirping sounds over the mountain will take your heart away on a day hike.

If you are lucky then, a hike though stone staircase of typical Nepali Gurung village slate old fashioned roofed houses located in the Dhampus can be the best experience while visiting in Australian Camp/Dhampus Village hiking, Nepal. You can also get to see the panoramic view of stunning sunrise and sunset in Sarangkot along with breathtaking scenery view of Pokhara valley and Phewa Lake.

Sarangkot/Naudanda hiking

Sarangkot/Naudanda hiking is the most popular short day hiking trail around Pokhara situated at the altitude of 1592m, which brings you a lifetime memory during your hike in Nepal. The hike is about 4 hours in a flat dirt road which passes through peaceful and stunning typical Nepali villages.

 Your journey basically starts in the morning to Sarangkot, where you will get to see the breathtaking sunrise over the Annapurna range, which looks just like a shining diamond. Besides that, panorama view of DhaulagiriMachhapuchhre (fishtail) and Ganesh Himal looks even more beautiful and extraordinary during the sunset and sunrise.

During the hike, you will get to see local Nepali villages and people with their unique culture and tradition, which you can only find in Nepal. It will be the most amazing thing to know the true lifestyle of Nepali people who have been following through the ages. A terrace farming over the hills will make your hike more interesting and amazing.

 Apart from that, the Pokhara valley and Fewa lake look beautiful to your eyes when you reach the top of Sarangkot.

World Peace Stupa Hiking

World peace stupa hike is a short day hike that starts from the Pokhara to the most beautiful Buddhist stupa. The hike will take 2 to 3 hours to Ananda hill where you can find the peace stupa, which was built by Buddhist monk Nipponzan Myohoji. The stupa is called world peace stupa because peace literally names as “Shanti” in Nepalese language.

The World peace stupa is often called “Peace Pagoda,” which is one of the 80 peace pagodas around the world. The stupa was built to inspire and spread peace for all races and to bring out the beliefs.

 The peace stupa is situated at the hilltop, which shows the spectacular view of Annapurna Mountains – which starts from Dhaulagiri to Machhapuchhare and Annapurna II, along with an amazing view of Phewa Lake below the hill. Apart from that, a walk through the green forest covered with beautiful flowers helps to forget all your tiredness. An incredible 360 scenario from the top of the hill along with the shining white-colored stupa will calm your both soul and body.

Your hike will be most memorable when you see the local village on one side and the great Himalayan peaks covered with snow on the other side on the hilltop.

World peace stupa is an amazing side hike to do while you are in Pokhara.


A short hike can bring you inner peace when you are facing lots of workload in your life. In fact, hiking also helps to maintain your physical body and makes you healthier. Take one of these short hikes in Nepal when you have nothing else to do in your free time or still have some couple of days left in Nepal.

You can watch the movie in your room every day but cannot hike to beautiful natural places filled with the most amazing view. So look deep into beautiful nature, and you will understand everything better in your life.