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A true piece of heaven, “Pokhara” is the famous tourist hub in Nepal. A place that is fully blessed with natural wonders attracts most of the travelers each year. Pokhara is an ideal and perfect place for exciting and adventurous activities to make a good memory. Travelers can satisfy their thrilling adventure desire in Pokhara as they can find lots of popular activities. And Paragliding is one of them, which gives you the most stunning flight in the sky over the beautiful landscape of Pokhara.

Paragliding has been an exciting adventure for travelers in Nepal since 1995, which brings amazing experience with its natural beauty. You will be a Paraglider in a free-flying aircraft up in the sky, flying like a peaceful bird while enjoying the beautiful scenery. Nothing can beat the fantastic paragliding flight in the beautiful city of Pokhara. 

A peaceful flight when air gently touches your face while experiencing the stunning snow-capped mountains is a different feeling above the sky. You can enjoy the flight with an experienced and world-class pilot, which will take you for your most amazing flight. Don’t worry, if this is your first flight because you can sign in as a beginner while attending Paragliding and leave yourself under a belt for hours in the sky.

Global International offers you two type of paragliding activity which is waiting for you in Pokhara with its perfect ingredients such as stable thermal, safety, convenient take-off and landing and breathtaking Annapurna mountain views. You can choose the flight according to your desires.

Types of Paragliding Flight in Pokhara

As you already know, there are two types of paragliding activities which I have mentioned above. So what are the types of paragliding and how it is different from each other?

Tandem Flight

You can join for a thrilling tandem flight in Pokhara to experience the amazing free flight in the bluish skies. Most of the travelers or paraglider choose the tandem flight because you will be paragliding with a pilot, not flying by on your own in the sky. You don’t have to worry about anything during your tandem paragliding flight except one thing, how to enjoy the fight?

Tandem paragliding flight helps to take a stunning picture of your surroundings and Annapurna mountains. You can enjoy the beautiful view of the Pokhara valley along with the magnificent lakes which look like a gem in the middle of the valley. 

Tandem flight means to be a short flight in the sky, which long lasts 15 to 20 minutes. However, you will fully experience the best flight of your lifetime.

Cross-country Flight

Cross-country paragliding flight is just like a tandem flight where a pilot takes you in the bluish sky. You will soar like a bird while enjoying a breathtaking view of Pokhara valley and snow-capped mountains. A fly into uncharted territory with a flow of wind helps you to discover new things. 

You can enjoy the cross-country paragliding flight for 40 to 55 minutes, which is pretty much longer than tandem flight. If you are not satisfied with paragliding or want to take a longer flight while enjoying the amazing landscapes, then cross-country paragliding is perfect for you in Pokhara.

What If I Want to Fly Alone?

You can enjoy paragliding flight if you are an experienced paraglider. However, you cannot directly fly alone in the sky because there are some things which you must need or follow. I will be listing some of the things down below if you want to fly on your own in Pokhara.

  • You have to get a flying permit from the civil aviation of Pokhara.
  • You have to submit  Rs. 6500 ($60) in the office.
  • You have to provide your password photocopy, visa photocopy, insurance proof, your photo and paragliding license

If you follow or provide the things which I have listed above, then you can able to enjoy paragliding alone. 

The whole permit process will take about an hour and will be valid for 15 days.

Paragliding Path and Best Time of Day in Pokhara

The flight starts from the Sarangkot (1500m), which is just 25 minutes drive from Pokhara. You can experience the beautiful view of Annapurna Mountains at an altitude of between 2500m and 3400m along with the spectacular Phewa lake. Finally, you will land on the Pokhara valley after the beautiful flight in the bluish skies.

Paragliding in Pokhara normally has 2-3 flights per day, which is in the early morning, mid-morning, early afternoon and late afternoon. If you want to experience the best flight, then wait until the sun completely out, which creates the thermal heat for flight. 

So, if you want a calm and less turbulent flight, then 11:30 AM is the best time of the day for the paragliding and helps to make your money worth it for flight.

Is it Safe to Do Paragliding in Pokhara?

Yes, it is completely safe to do paragliding in Pokhara. In fact, it is safer than crossing a busy road in Pokhara. The company will cover all your necessary safety measures while your paragliding flight. However, some obstacles can occur during the take-off and landing because of the sudden change in the wind. 

Besides that, you also have a reserve chute and a large lake for your safety in case of any sudden accident. But do not forget to get travel insurance before starting your flight. 

Best Season for Paragliding in Pokhara

You can enjoy paragliding flight in Pokhara all year except on rainy days. The best season for paragliding is the same as the normal season for tourists in Nepal, which is from September to November and February to March. These months are best for paragliding as the thermals will develop much better, which helps for easy flying.

So, choose a suitable month for paragliding flight in Nepal and make a beautiful memory

What to Wear During the Paragliding?

It is essential to wear proper clothes during any adventure around the world. The perfect fitting cloth helps you to make awesome adventures without getting sick. 

Do you want to get sick during your holiday vacation?

Nobody wants.

The air will be cold and chilly during your paragliding flight in Pokhara. So just wear or bring essential personal things with you and leave unwanted things in your hotel room. So what to wear during the paragliding?

  • Long pants
  • Perfect fitting shoes
  • A long and warm shirt
  • Windproof jacket

What Will be the Timing for Paragliding?

The paragliding will be done on 2 different timing per day on a daily basis.

  • First flight – 09: 00 am
  • Second Flight – 11:30 am

Note: The time and flight subject to change as per weather conditions.


Paragliding flight in Pokhara helps you to create a beautiful memory that you will never forget in your entire life. If you want to experience the thrilling adventure while your visit to Pokhara (Nepal), then Global International makes your holiday vacation perfect in Nepal by providing you the daring adventure. 

So fill your life with the adventure and stories during your vacation in Nepal.

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